IR Station

IR Station


Infrared Remote Controller with ESP8266 WiFi-module
You can control your home appliances with your smartphone or laptop.

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Main parts

  • ESP-WROOM-02 (ESP8266 WiFi Module)
  • IR Receiver
  • IR LED
  • Indicator LED


The Device’s Appearance



Display Sample



How to Use

Setup the Device

  1. Supply power to the device.
  2. Connect your cellphone or laptop to Wi-Fi SSID “IR-Station”.
  3. Access in a browser
  4. Enter Wi-Fi SSID of your home and its password
  5. Enter a device name you like. We call it the hostname. Because it will be a part of URL, you cannot use space character.
  6. If connection succeeded, IR-Station’s local IP address is displayed. Please make a note of it.
  7. Connect your cellphone or laptop to your home’s Wi-Fi.
  8. Access http:/ (IR-Station’s local IP address) in a browser. (for example )
  9. If something appears, setup is complete.

Store Signals

  1. Access http:/192.168.xx.xx (one example) in a browser. 1. Look at the form of the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select “record a new Signal” action.
  3. Select a channel you want to assign a new signal.
  4. Enter a name of the signal.
  5. When you click the “Submit” button, the green LED of your IR-Station will light up.
  6. Press a button on your remote controller toward your IR-Station to store a new signal.

Remote Control

  1. Access your IR-Station in a browser.
  2. Click a button which assigned a signal you want to send.

Meanings of LED Indicator

Color Status
Red Error
Green Processing
Blue Listening

How to Make

Required Library

Please Add the Libraries below to your Arduino IDE


  1. Gather the components.
  2. Assemble the components according to the circuit diagram.
  3. Connect the device and the PC with a serial-to-USB conversion module.
  4. Prepare Arduino IDE and serial-USB converter’s driver.
  5. Open the preferences of Arduino IDE and fill in this URL: to “Additional Boards Manager URLs”.
  6. Add “Generic ESP8266 Module” in the Arduino IDE Board Manager.
  7. Add the required libraries to your Arduino IDE in the Arduino IDE Library Manager or zip files.
  8. Open IR-station firmware in the Arduino IDE.
  9. Select “Generic ESP8266 Module” and configure each item of board settings properly. See Arduino Board Settings below.
  10. Select correct serial COM port and upload program to the device. When upload program, GPIO0 and GPIO2 must be pulled-up, and GPIO15 must be pulled-down. It’s necessary to reset the devie immediately before upload. It’s a little difficult.
  11. The uploading takes about 30 seconds.
  12. Upload the SPIFFS data: menu -> tool -> ESP8266 Sketch Data Upload. (See
  13. Process termination.

Arduino Board Settings

item select
Board ESPino (ESP-12 Module)
Flash Mode QIO
CPU Frequency 80MHz
Flash Size 4M(3M SPIFFS)
Reset Method ck
Upload Speed 115200


Device Components

Components Details Quantity Remarks
ESP8266 WiFi Module ESP-WROOM-02 1
IR receiver OSRB38C9AA 1 Power: 3.3V
IR LED OSI5FU3A11C 4 anything maybe OK
Voltage Regulator NJU7223-33 1 output: 3.3V 500mA
Resistor for IR LED 4.7 ohms, 1W 2
Pull-up/down Resistor 10k ohms 5
Indicator LED OSTBABS4C2B 1
Resistor for LED 100~220 ohms 3
Resistor for IR receiver 220 ohms 1
Capacitor for IR receiver 4.7uF 3
Power Stabilization Capacitor 100uF 1
Bypass Capacitor 0.1uF 3
User Button SKRPACE010 1
Poly Switch MICROSMD035F-02 1 up to 350mA
USB Conncector USB-Micro-B 1 Power Only




Requires Details Quantity
Serial-to-USB conversion Module such as FT232 1

Circuit Diagram



Breadboard Sample



3D shape



PCB pattern sample



IR data JSON format


	uint16_t microseconds_high, uint16_t microseconds_low, uint16_t microseconds_high, uint16_t microseconds_low, ...



HTTP API v1.5.0

Setup Form

Path Method Parameter(s) Return Remarks
/ GET index.html setup form page
/wifi/list GET a list of (string) a list of existing WiFi SSID
/wifi/confirm POST IP Address or “false” confirm if WiFi connection is established and reboot the device
/mode/station POST ssid, password, stealth, hostname message set the device as Station Mode
/mode/accesspoint POST hostname message set the device as AP Mode
/dbg GET ssid, password local_ip or “false”

Main Page

Path Method Parameter(s) Return Remarks
/ GET index.html main page of IR-Station
/info GET station.json a json includes the device information
/signals/send POST id message
/signals/record POST row, column, name message
/signals/rename POST id, name message
/signals/move POST id, row, column message
/signals/upload POST irJson, row, column message
/signals/clear POST id message
/signals/clear-all POST message
/schedule/new POST id, time message
/schedule/delete POST schedule_id message
/wifi/disconnect POST none
/wifi/change-ip POST local_ip, subnetmask, gateway message

result json

	"code":0 or -1,